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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Posts That Pre-Date This Blog

The Baby Bean Blog is actually the third blog that I've created. I started out with one blog, The Bean Blog, and I wrote about all aspects of my life there. Later I decided that I would rather split out two of the major storylines of my life: my wedding photography career, which became the blog Weddings by Oz and what I had to do to have a baby, which became the Baby Bean Blog.

But the story of my trying to have a baby didn't start on September 23, 2004, when I started this blog. Actually, it had started about a year before that, before I'd even heard of blogs (yes, I'm afraid I must have lived under a rock at the time). I can't recapture all of what I went through between August 2003 and May 2004, but I can include links to the posts that I wrote on the Bean Blog about baby-making before I started this blog. So if you're curious to see the history as far back as it goes in the blog world, here are a list of links from the Bean Blog that would have fit (more or less) into this blog if I'd had it at the time.

September 9, 2004: You're in on My Secret

September 2, 2004: Which Sperm is the Sperm for Me?

August 30, 2004: More Bad News

July 16, 2004: Interesting. Very Interesting

July 9, 2004: Stuck with a Needle Again

June 30, 2004: There Is No Answer

June 29, 2004: Big Night

June 23, 2004: My Period Arrives

June 17, 2004: Let's Get Physical

June 15, 2004: Seventeen and Life to Go

June 14, 2004: Sperm: the Missing Ingredient


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