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Thursday, December 09, 2004

13dpo: Good News, Bad News

So what's the good news?
I tested positive with a home pregnancy test this morning around 4am.

Holy shit, that's great news! Why don't you sound more excited?
Re-read the title of this post.

Bad news? What news could possibly dampen your good news?!
I'm 90% sure my period is going to arrive anyway.

Huh? But you're pregnant!
I'm pregnant now. I doubt I'll be pregnant tomorrow....or Saturday at the latest. You see, there's this thing called "chemical pregnancy."

What are you talking about?
You see, they've made home pregnancy tests super sensitive, and what's happened is that a lot of women find out they're "pregnant" when they're not really pregnant.

Have you been smoking crack? Being pregnant is like being dead. Either you are or you aren't!
Okay, okay, you got me. That's true. Let me try again. Back before hpts were so sensitive, women never knew that the egg had been fertilized and then tried to implant if they got their period right on schedule. Actually, you used to not be able to even take an hpt before your period was late by one day. However, what happens (pretty frequently) is that, although the egg gets fertilized, it fails to implant properly, and although it sends out the pregnancy hormone--which the hpt picks up--it's not enough to prevent the arrival of menses. Some people consider these "pregnancies" to be terminated by a super early miscarriage (the arrival of menses). Others don't really count the "pregnancy" if menses is not late at all. At any rate, these "pregnancies" are called chemical pregnancies.

Okay, I think I understand. But why do you think that's what's happening to you? You could be pregnant--really pregnant!
It's possible, but my body is giving me strong signals that it is gearing up for the arrival of my period.

What signals?
I've gotten a little pre-period acne. And (how to put this delicately?) it seems like there's a little extra water in my colon. And the big signal is that my temp dropped this morning. Not all the way down to the low range, but it's dropped 4/10ths of a degree. That's a big drop.


You might still be pregnant.
I might be. Have to wait and see if my period arrives.

More waiting?
'Fraid so.


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