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Friday, December 10, 2004

14dpo: Stick, Baby, Stick

I'm not feeling so much like the arrival of my period is eminent. My temp was back up at a sufficiently high number this morning, so I must admit that my hopes are way, way up that this is going to work out.

On bulletin boards devoted to conception, people who have experienced chemical pregnancies and/or miscarriages hope that the baby will "stick" or they hope for a "sticky" baby. They are referring to the blastocyst's placement in the uterine lining. If it burrows in there well enough, it will receive nourishment and be able to shout out its presense to the rest of the body through the production of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), i.e. the pregnancy hormone. And if enough hCG is out there, the corpus luteum (which produces progesterone) will stay alive and keep producing progesterone, thereby keeping the uterine lining in place...and the baby in its place in the uterine lining.

So that is what I hope for my very, very little one: Stick, baby. Stick.


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