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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Week 10 Progress Report

My little bean, this is a big day for you. You have officially made the switch from embryo to fetus! Much like your first five weeks, your last five weeks have been chock full of growing and becoming a "little one" (which is what "fetus" means).

You've developed a brain and a spinal column. The neural tube between your brain and spinal cord has closed. You've started to develop sex organs, although it's far too early for us on the outside to know which gender you are. You've been busy growing arms and legs, and you've even started to refine your limbs with wrists, ankles and very tiny fingers. Most of your "bones" are still only cartilage, but just recently, real bone cells have begun to form.

You've got your own bloodstream now, although for most of these past five weeks, the placenta has not been quite up to speed yet. Your face is starting to adopt all the human characteristics, such as eyes! ears! a nose! a mouth! a tongue! little, tiny tooth buds! Don't get me wrong; your face still looks a little strange; but it's coming right along.

Your fledgling nervous system has enabled you to move, as early as my last ultrasound, when the tech told me that you kept moving around, making it hard to get a read on your heartbeat.

Most astounding of all, you have increased your length by over 30 times what you were five weeks ago. You were barely over 1mm in length, and as of today, you are around 1.5 inches! No wonder I'm so tired! In order to accomodate all this growth, my uterus is now twice the size it was before you were there.

We are 1/4th of the way through now. 10 weeks down. 30 more to go!


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