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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Nursery

We spend last weekend putting together all the furniture for the nursery (courtesy of Ikea). We're not completely set on the location of everything, but we've pretty much got it sorted out. The spare room which has become the nursery doesn't have a door or a door way. See, this house was built in the late 19th century before indoor plumbing. So there were two bedrooms upstairs, and with the invention of indoor plumbing, a bathroom was placed in one half of the back bedroom. For whatever reason, no one ever built a door to the other half of the room. Anyway, this means that whenever I walk to the bathroom, I can see right into the nursery and all the baby furniture set up there.

This brings up two feelings in me. For one, I remember how when we bought this house two years ago, we always envisioned that this little room would be a nursery. At the time, we thought/hoped we would be welcoming a little one in about a year. With that in mind, we painted the walls a nice, bright yellow, and the ceiling fan that we installed has blades with different primary colors on it--designed for a kid's room. The artwork that we've put up in that room over the past two years is also child-friendly: drawings of animals and flowers and cars, stuff like that. It was a room waiting for a baby in a lot of ways, but not overly so. Up until recently, a futon lived in there and it served as a spare room very admirably. Even though it was whimsical in nature, it was still appropriate for an adult to spend time in or sleep in. Or so I thought. We've taken the futon (and then a bed that replaced the futon) out of that room, and it now has a dresser/changing table and a crib and a toy box, and it looks so right. It looks like what we always wanted it to be: the room for our baby. Seeing the transformation of the room brings it home to me how much and how long we've been waiting for this.

The other feeling I get seeing the baby furniture in there is that a baby is coming. It makes it real in a way that it hasn't been. There's baby stuff here. There's a place for the baby. A little nest, if you will. Our baby's things are going to go in those drawers. Our baby will sleep in that crib, and later in the toddler bed that it converts to.

I have to tell you, I feel so much better having that stuff in the house and set up. I don't even know how important it is, physically, but emotionally, I feel like so much better. Our baby is due in less than nine weeks, and we still have plenty of stuff to get and to set up--stuff that is probably far more important, like a diaper bag and car seat and stroller, etc. But when I see the crib there, I can't help but hear in my head and my heart, "Wecome, baby, welcome...."


  • Wow, nine weeks. Time sure flies...but for you I suppose it's not moving fast enough. I remember it used to feel like it was taking forever since I was dying to meet the new little person. I know what you mean by the comfort of seeing everything in place and waiting to welcome the little one. I used to go in the nursery every day and take the little clothes out one by one, folding and unfolding and trying to imagine what it would be like when I was finally able to put them on a little living, breathing baby. Heck, everything was probably half worn out by the time Older Sonny made an appearance... ~;^)

    By Blogger foxymama, at 4:07 PM, June 28, 2005  

  • Yes, it's definitely not going by fast enough. I remember you saying quite a long time ago how impatient you were to meet your baby, and I think I said something like, "Oh, I'm fine waiting." What an idiot I was! I'm totally ready to meet my little bean! I just keep telling myself that s/he should stay in for another 5-6 weeks at least...

    By Blogger Oz, at 3:09 PM, June 29, 2005  

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