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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I'm Leaking

Yesterday, I woke up from a nap and noticed a wet spot on my t-shirt. I thought, What is that? Its placement near where my right nipple was made me suspect that, yes, I was leaking. I had a hard time accepting that idea, though. It was hot, and I thought it could have been sweat, although it wasn't really shaped like it had been produced by sweat. So I lifted up my shirt and gave my nipple a little squeeze to see if anything would come out. Lo and behold, stuff did come out immediately. Hmm.

On one hand, I'm quite happy about this development. I know a lot of women who have had trouble breastfeeding. Sometimes the trouble is with the baby not "latching on" correctly. But oftentimes it is with the woman not producing enough milk. So I feel good that at least my right breast seems to be ready to go. When the baby come out, there will be something there for him or her.

On the other hand, I'm wondering how much leaking I'm going to do. I've got four and a half weeks until my due date. Will I start having to wear breast pads all the time? Will I leak all over my sheets at night? I didn't last night, so hopefully this won't be a big deal. When I did leak yesterday, I had been sleeping on the couch, facing the back of the couch, sort of scrunched up on my right side. Maybe I was inadvertently squeezing my right breast, which is why it leaked.

I'm entering the homestretch here. It's July 20 and I'm due August 20. I guess my body is getting itself ready.


  • That was colostrum, which precedes 'real' milk and it shouldn't be too much of a problem right now. A little leak once in awhile should be normal but you probably won't need any breast pads until afterwards. Actually large handkerchiefs, like men use, work excellently. You can fold them up and they will adapt to your contours and surprisingly not be too bulky where breast pads sometimes look rigid and strange. A matter of preference.

    I always had one breast which flowed copiously and a couple of times I was afraid little Tim would drown, but as you know, he didn't... ~:^)

    By Blogger foxymama, at 12:17 AM, July 23, 2005  

  • It seems that you are right. I think I might have leaked another time during another nap, but other than that, things have been a-okay. Whew. The idea of sleeping with a bra and breastpads was completely unappealing to me. The twins need to be free at night! LOL

    By Blogger Oz, at 2:08 PM, July 25, 2005  

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