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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I Did It

Well, today was the day. And the cool part is, I got to do the insemination myself! With the doctor's direction, of course, but it was cool. I expected to get the opportunity to push the plunger, but I did not expect the opportunity to put the catheter into her uterus myself. But I did.

It was kind of surreal. I've been through an intra-uterine insemination (IUI) three times myself, as I wrote here. But now I was the one watching and supporting...and actually performing the IUI. As you might recall (or if you read the linked post now), my partner did not want to push the plunger. She was concerned she would "mess it up," which was kind of silly, because how can one mess up pushing in a plunger? But I knew then that I would push the plunger when it was her turn, and I did. Getting the opportunity to insert the catheter, too, really did make me feel part of the conception process. I've always thought that women who said that pushing the plunger for their partner's insemination was a bit like fooling themselves. I mean, really, they have very little to do with it. But now I have to admit that I feel a bit different. I stuck it in her and deposited the goods! And amusingly enough, the type of catheter used for IUI inseminations is called a "tomcat." Here's what it looks like:

Of course, the event wasn't anything sexual. It was quite clinical. For one thing, I got an up close and personal look at my partner's cervix. That was weird. It looks like it does in books. And it was open, which is a good sign. Means that ovulation is or has happened at some point in the near future or past. But seeing a real, live cervix, let alone your partner's cervix, was a bit on the strange side.

So now we are onto the two week wait (more details about that here). I find myself on the other side of this experience, too. My partner does not think that she will stress or obsess about the two week wait the way that I did. It will be interesting to see if I obsess about it all on my own. I am going to try to avoid mentioning the topic to her unless she brings it up. That means that this blog is my outlet, should I need it. Of course, this blog should be used to such treatment. My outlet is what it has always been.


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