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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

First Steps, or Holy Crap

Yesterday, Ella took her first, unassisted steps. I'm excited and proud, and I'm also terrified because life as I know it will now come crashing down all around me, and I mean that literally because I still haven't anchored the bookcases to the walls yet.

She certainly didn't walk across the room or anything. It was just two or three steps on her own. However, I heard recently that once they start taking steps, it's only a couple of weeks until they are competent walkers.

Now I'll tell you how it happened, for posterity's sake. She had been tearing around the house with her walking apparatus, i.e. me. She's quite demanding about it these days. She holds her hands out, clearly waiting for me to put forth my fingers, which she uses like handlebars. If I don't do it quickly enough, she narrows her eyes and grunts as if to say, "Come on, woman! Give me your fingers. Do it. DO IT!"

I walk behind her as she cruises from here to there. And she's gotten quite fast. Really, the kid is practically running. Oftentimes these days, she tries to go so fast that she outpaces her feet and would fall down face first except that I'm right there, holding onto her little hands, and I drag her back up to verticle.

So we were doing this yesterday, and she was just going, going, going, no particular destination, just on the move. And eventually, I got tired. Finally, I sat down on the floor and said, "The walking apparatus is tired, little one." She was okay with that for a few minutes, and then she held out her hands and grunted at me. I gave her my hands so that she could pull up, but then I remained sitting. Our coffee table was just about two feet from where we were, and it looks like this:

From Ikea, of course.

All of those cubbies used to be full of my crap, but now they are full of Ella's toys.

So there it was, two feet away. Ella stood there, looking at it. And then it happened. She bounced up and down, bending at her knees. She shook off my one hand that I had offered to her for balance while she stood. Then she did it. First, she lifted up her left foot and plopped it down. After a second or two, she did the same with her right foot. Next, the left foot went back into action and then.... the leaning tower of Ella started to fall, but I grabbed her and set her upright again.

The table was stiill a little ways away, so she took two more steps and then started to fall. I could have repeated this process once more, but I kept having these visions of her falling into the table, and with the table being so close at this point, I might not be able to grab her in time, and then she would of course hit the table right at her mouth, and all those teeth would slice through her lip, leaving her scarred for life and it would be all my fault.

I set her close enough to the table to get whatever toy she wanted.

And that's how it happened. First steps. We'll have to see how quickly this progresses.

And I better keep cracking on that baby-proofing thing.


  • "I might not be able to grab her in time, and then she would of course hit the table right at her mouth, and all those teeth would slice through her lip, leaving her scarred for life and it would be all my fault."

    Picture my boys at 11 months running around my brother-in-law's kitchen. One boy slips on the rug, splits his chin wide open. Scarred for life.

    As Heather Armstrong says, "I earned a place among the elite group of Mothers Who Should Be Clubbed with a Pipe Wrench."

    By Blogger Whimsy Chick, at 10:03 AM, June 06, 2006  

  • how's your back doing as ella's apparatus? maybe ella needs a walker, like the kind the elderly use :)

    we have the same coffee table and i smiled when i read that your cubbies are full of toys. i can't wait until ours are also.

    By Blogger marta, at 9:51 PM, June 06, 2006  

  • Yeah Ella! She'll be an old pro in a few weeks.

    Nice coffee table!

    By Blogger Jenn, at 9:58 AM, June 07, 2006  

  • Marta, I have back issues, and this isn't helping any! That might be the main reason I want her to learn to walk on her own--to save my back! And FYI, they do make baby walkers, such as this one:

    Jenn, I'm very scared by your comment! Except the part about the nice coffee table. It is nice. You can store a whole lot of crap in that thing!

    By Blogger Oz, at 9:54 AM, June 08, 2006  

  • it was nice.

    By Anonymous prasad, at 1:39 AM, October 02, 2015  

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